Connect to 3G with SIM-Only Deals UK

Over the past 5 years the UK has seen a steady trend towards 3G SIM-Only contracts. This trend has seen the sim only contract largely replacing the pay as you go model that was popular during the era of the feature phone, or the ‘dumb phone’ as it is now often referred to in retrospect.

Another, more interesting trend however, is the market share that sim only has taken form contract phones. We can put this down to the following:

  • More affordable smart phones
    • When smartphones first appeared on the market they generally cost a lot up front. Now there is a wide variety of choice under £50.
  • Greater flexibility with shorter contracts
    • Rolling contracts are available on sim only, and fixed term contracts are generally 12 months instead of 24 months.
  • Higher allowances in sim only data plans
    • Many carriers now offer unlimited data sims on sim only.
  • A greater choice of phones for those on sim only
    • Many good smartphones, particularly from China, are not available in the UK as contract phones.