The best sim only deals

The best sim only deals

SIM only deal is a deal that gives you an get an unlimited or limited data, calls and text plan and still, you can use the same mobile phone that you have been using for so long. This simply means that you need not part with your mobile phone to get an attractive plan or to pay a less amount for your mobile usage. Some people use their mobiles as a multi- purpose instrument. They use it for calling someone, texting, browsing the internet, for listening to melodious songs or playing Asphalt 8 air- bone or Dungeon  Hunter 5.

There are four main types of SIMs available on the UK market. They are All SIM deals, data only deals,  i- phone SIMs, No credit check SIMs. There are mainly 4 companies providing a SIM only offer to its customers. They are GiffGaff, Vodaphone, O2 and three.

GiffGaff: They provide 500 free minutes, 1GB data, unlimited texts for only 10 pounds per month. They have attractive offers like for every person you put in a good word for GiffGaff. They will pay for it. If you purchase a SIM that doesn’t mean that you have to keep that SIM for a lifetime. You can discard the SIM and shift as it is a monthly plan. If it is an i-phone multi- SIM, you will get unlimited data, talk time, texts at an unbelievable price of 20 pounds. There is a no credit plan as well with 500 minutes free talk time, 1 GB data usage and of course, unlimited texts offer.

Vodaphone:  Its multi SIM offers you unlimited minutes and texts, but puts a check on the data usage by giving you only 25 GB data at a cost of 25 pounds per month.  They don’t offer any credit check plan or Data Only plan, unlike GiffGaff.

O2: They offer unlimited talk time and texting. But when it comes to Data they restrict your usage to 10 GB. But, undoubtedly, it is more than GiffGaff but no better than Vodafone. They have a Nano SIM plan which provides the same offer as the All  SIM offers. They down slim your wallet as these plans make you pay only 18 pounds. What a fantastic deal? Isn’t it? There is a Combi SIM and it provides 15 GB data for 20 pounds.

Three: They have only, data only SIMs. In the three standard SIM, there are three deals. In the first deal, you have to pay 13 pounds per month and can be used in lots of countries including  Spain, Italy, and Australia.  You also get access to 4G, data connection without having to pay any additional cost. If you get a three mobile standard SIM, you need to pay only 8 pounds per month to get a 2GB data connection.

These are some of the best SIM only deals on the UK market.